Friendship Bagel

Friendship Bagel is retired. Thank you to everyone who supported this project. I love you.



Bagel reminisce:

In the release of the night’s deep breath, when emptiness fills all space, and a slight pause stills everything before time reaches from all sides to pull in, lifting the sun and starting the day again- in that moment when the fingers of exhalation rest absently like rocks in a drained lake, reaching into these depths to pull out a moment- a collection of interwoven tales drawn from their sources to now, creating a simple life celebrating moment.

Naturally leavened, handmade bagels, and bagel sandwiches.
Fermented, wild-cultured, and foraged bagel spreads.
Just about completely local.

We are currently trying to quietly re-learn how to eat. Hopefully we get excited about sharing our discoveries with a greater audience again. Until then, stay home and cook often, or eat at Bitter Ends Garden and Luncheonette, and please explore the following links for the digital memories:

Other version of information

Possibly too-much background insight




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