Friendship Bagel

Friendship Bagel is retired. Thank you to everyone who supported this project. I love you.



Bagel reminisce:

In the release of the night’s deep breath, when emptiness fills all space, and a slight pause stills everything before time reaches from all sides to pull in, lifting the sun and starting the day again- in that moment when the fingers of exhalation rest absently like rocks in a drained lake, reaching into these depths to pull out a moment- a collection of interwoven tales drawn from their sources to now, creating a simple life celebrating moment.

Naturally leavened, handmade bagels, and bagel sandwiches.
Fermented, wild-cultured, and foraged bagel spreads.
Just about completely local.

We are currently trying to quietly re-learn how to eat. Hopefully we get excited about sharing our discoveries with a greater audience again. Until then, stay home and cook often, or eat at Bitter Ends Garden and Luncheonette, and please explore the following links for the digital memories:

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Possibly too-much background insight




saturday august 20

naturally leavened bagels with choice of spreads, which include: cultured cream cheese, cultured butter, peach/ holy basil/ oat straw jam. farm bagel sandwiches: ground cherry preserves and ricotta with rosemary. beets and dill with kefir cream, deep creek cellars nebbiolo. honey-roasted carrot, 1+ year aged sauerkraut and herbs.

saturday august 20

bagel sandwiches: salt-baked beets with kefir cream, dill, and mint. honey-roasted carrot and ricotta with herbs. thick fresh tomato, cultured butter, purslane with nasturtium vinaigrette.

thursday august 18

naturally leavened bagels with choice of spread: cultured cream cheese, cultured butter, peach/ oat straw/ holy basil jam, fermented tomato jam. farm bagel sandwiches: honey roasted carrot & ricotta with herbs. radicchio, clover creek pirate blue cheese, fresh garlic and plum. fermented tomato jam on greens with Serenity Hill hard-boiled egg.

beverages: annie’s cold brew coffee, fennel blossom and honey kefir tea

thursday august 11

naturally leavened bagels with choice of: cultured cream cheese, cultured butter, peach-oat straw- holy basil jam, joe pye weed jelly. farm sandwiches such as: beet, radicchio, clover creek pirate blue, plum vinegar, mullein seeds. grilled eggplant & tomato with basil, milkweed capers. thick cut fresh tomatoes slices, butter, sunflower shoots, nasturtium-fennel vinaigrette. (this last sandwich is an ode to the legendary farmer of butter hill farm, and his favorite lunch this time of year- a fresh tomato slathered in butter.)

saturday august 6

bagel sandwich lunch: cucumber and purslane, lovage, yogurt on a mullein seed bagel. beets, black garlic, arugula, pinot noir vinegar. radicchio with daikon, clover creek blue cheese, plum vinegar, sunflower shoots. honey roasted carrots, ricotta, and thyme.

beverages: iced fennel blossom kefir

thursday august 4

naturally leavened bagel with spreads: cultured cream cheese, cultured butter, elderberry-sumac jelly, joe pye weed jelly farm sandwiches: young chanterelle mushrooms, cream scooped for the best milk, capers made from leek buds, backyard fresh garlicsunflower shoots. thin juicy cucumber, backyard garden purslane, daikon, strained thick yogurt– also from the best milk, lovage, on a mullein seed bagel.

beverages: annie’s cold brew; fresh milk